Personal details

By uploading a photo you provide permission to use the photo in relation to managing and selling campaigns.
What languages can you communicate in?
Languages fluent enough to communicate in
What is the target geographic area for the audience.
Important for legal and tax reasons.

Twitch details

Also #xxxx that we can contact via private messages.
For example, do they answer questions or go to links in the chat.
A so-called normal month in terms of the number of streams.
A so-called normal month in terms of the number of streams.
How long are your streams? Hours  Minutes  

2 Hours

What kind of broadcasts do you do? eet?
What language(s) do you use in your streams?
Please upload your Twitch csv file. You can find your file from Twitch:
  1. Log in to your Twitch and select Creator Dashboard (Tekijän ohjauspaneeli)
  2. Press Analytics (Analyysi) and Overview (Yleiskatsaus)
  3. Press the date and select last 30 days (Paina päivämäärästä ja valitse viimeiset 30 päivää)
  4. Press Export Data (Vie tiedot)
  5. Add created .csv-file to the onboarding site. (Lisää luotu tiedosto sivulle)
Please note! You can currently only use an English or Finnish csv file, so you have to change your Twitch language to one or another.

Other social media

What other social media channels do you use that CAN be used in campaigns?